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Used Cat Natural Gas Generator Sets

Used Commercial Natural Gas Generator Sets

Few pieces of technology keep your business moving like natural gas generators. When you're reaching for hand tools and machines, you expect your equipment to run correctly. Purchasing your power equipment from Mustang Cat makes sense for efficiency and peace of mind.

We're your source for used industrial natural gas generators in Southeast Texas. Find the right fit for your needs — we carry multiple natural gas generator sets from Caterpillar for maximum productivity.

About Used Natural Gas Generator Sets

Used natural gas generators run on fuels other than gasoline and diesel. These are cost-effective gensets capable of producing electricity for demanding days on the job. Each device is user-friendly and better for the environment compared to alternate power options.

Mustang Cat is dedicated to providing you with used natural gas gensets that are durable and made for diverse job sites. Every used generator undergoes a multipoint inspection from a member of our staff — trust that your investment is ready to serve you from day one. Most generators in our collection feature low working hours.

What Are the Advantages of Used Natural Gas Generator Sets?

Our used Cat® natural gas generators are here thanks to decades of innovation. The Caterpillar brand is responsible for making premium technology that sets the standard for other natural gas generators on the market. Used equipment gives your business impressive power solutions at a fraction of the cost of buying brand-new assemblies.

See these additional benefits of our used natural gas generator sets:

  • On-site power: Set up used natural gas generators where you need them. These options are useful when working in remote locations and during emergencies when your primary source of power goes out.
  • Exceptional materials: Only the highest-quality components go into Cat natural gas generators.
  • Few maintenance requirements: Used natural gas gensets can function for years when run properly.
  • Intuitive controls: Generators made by Caterpillar feature user-friendly controls for training.
  • Clean solutions: Count on Mustang Cat for generators meeting U.S. EPA emissions standards.
  • Multiple power configurations: Used generators offer less than 100 kW to over 1,000 kW of power.

Trust Mustang Cat for Used Natural Gas Generators

We are the authority for Cat natural gas generator sets in Southeast Texas covering Houston and the surrounding areas like Bryan, Lufkin and Beaumont. For more about generators that run on natural gas, biogas, field gas, propane or coal gas, complete our contact form or request a quote.