What is a CVA? 

A Cat Customer Value Agreement (CVA) is a hassle-free ownership plan that can reduce costly repairs with planned maintenance. A CVA provides dedicated resources, like engine monitoring technologies, and genuine Cat parts, at the right place and the right time – all backed by our expertise and support. Ask us about CVA options today!

CVA Benefits:

  • CVAs ensure that maintenance and repairs are completed by highly skilled technicians, helping your engines run longer.
  • CVAs can be customized to meet your unique needs, making them one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing expense, disruption, and loss of revenue caused by engine downtime.
  • CVAs help you drop the uncertainty from your service budget, minimize operating costs, and know your budget and best practices to help it.
  • CVA’s allocate resources for maintenance planning, repairs, rebuilds, and upgrades.




Protect your generator set investment and peace of mind with a service contract designed to ensure your power equipment performs. With a CVA, you get a tailored generator service contract agreement to offer a hassle-free ownership experience. Get more out of your power system by minimizing downtime and extending the life of your generator with our preventative maintenance plan. Customized service agreements add value to a sale by keeping your production costs low to increase profitability. Ask us about CVA options today!



 Ready for more peace of mind and less risk with your industrial engine? A CVA controls your ownership costs over the life of your machine so you can work more and worry less. With one hassle-free plan, you can get the most from your Cat powered equipment, backed by Mustang Cat experts. CVAs are tailored to fit your business needs and range from simple planned maintenance (PM) schedules to sophisticated all-inclusive solutions. That means genuine Cat parts delivered on time and right to your location with instructions for hassle-free maintenance, and you get the security of knowing you won’t have costs for unplanned repairs. Take advantage of one easy plan to power your progress — and your equipment. That’s a CVA. Ask us about CVA options today!



Designed to keep an oil and gas operation’s fleet working every minute of every day, Customer Value Agreements live up to their name in good times and in bad — helping balance cash flow and smooth budgets. From exploration to production to compression, onshore and off, get more from your oil and gas assets with a CVA. Ask us about CVA options today!



For any size or type of vessel, traveling anywhere in the world, there’s a CVA that will keep you on the water. CVAs feature comprehensive solutions for parts, services and connected technologies designed to address the evolving needs and expectations throughout your vessel lifecycle. No matter which CVA you choose, you can expect Caterpillar and your dealer to help keep you on the water. Ask us about CVA options today!


Customer Value Agreements feature individualized solutions for parts, services, and digital enablers designed to address the evolving needs and expectations throughout your asset lifecycle. No matter which CVA option you choose, you can expect Mustang Cat to help keep your equipment running.