Level 2: INFORM is a proactive solution that helps you see the value of the electronic telematic information your equipment provides by utilizing the Cat Product Link® technology and VisionLink application.

INFORM helps you manage your equipment with an automated monthly report provided by Mustang Cat containing health and utilization trends with benchmark comparisons against geographic region averages. These comparisons will provide a high-level snapshot of your fleet’s relative performance compared to fleets in your area. Utilize the monthly report to determine if there are areas you want to dig into for more detail. Mustang Cat can provide additional consultation to determine root causes.

  • Mustang Cat provides you with a monthly summary, leveraging your equipment’s electronic information.
  • See your equipment’s average run time vs. idle time to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Compares your fleet average against regional averages in five areas:
    • Key operator-induced fault codes
    • Run time
    • Fuel burn
    • Idle time
    • Overall average comparison against regional fleets


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