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Mustang Cat supplies oil and gas businesses in Southeast Texas with dependable power systems. Our wide selection of industrial power solutions includes options for various oil and gas operations. Hardworking companies across the world count on power systems from Caterpillar because of their reliability and performance.


Our Cat® Gas Generators for Sale

Our generators for the oil and gas industry span a variety of applications, including:

  • Gas compression: Cat generators can power driving compressors for every step of the compression process, from recovery to transmission. Around the world, Cat gas compression engines have a total of more than two billion operating hours.
  • Offshore drilling and production: The engineers at Caterpillar design offshore drilling solutions with reliable rig power as their priority. Our offshore power products offer unmatched durability and costs of operation.
  • Land drilling and production: Engines from Caterpillar have a decades-long reputation for their efficiency in oilfield power generation. Our oil and gas power systems can deliver power for primary and auxiliary purposes.
  • Well service: We understand that oil well servicing has demanding requirements for power delivery. Our power systems for oil well service withstand a variety of environments using a wide range of fuel types.


Benefits of Cat Industrial Gas Gensets

Caterpillar has more than 80 years of history of serving the oil and gas industry. Businesses keep choosing Cat power solutions for oil and gas for the following advantages:

  • Engine performance: Compared to competitors, Cat engines can work through a wider power range. They also feature power and torque curves suited for well-service applications.
  • Smooth transmissions: Multiple features contribute to smooth transmissions during operation. Built-in Cat software eases transmission shifts, and Cat oil and gas engines have an ideal gear ratio for the industry's unique applications.
  • Wide selection: Our choices of oil and gas power match the range of equipment available. We offer a variety of power capacities and specifications to meet your fleet's demands.
  • Professional support: Mustang Cat and our global network will provide ongoing client service after your purchase. We offer customizable solutions that help you get the most out of your oil and gas power.
  • Custom solutions available: Ask us how we can help you develop a custom system using our equipment. Our system experts understand how to meet the power demands of the oil and gas industry.

Expert Support From Mustang Cat

Before, during, and after your purchase, you'll get professional support from the experts at Mustang Cat. The value-added solutions we provide to our clients include:

  • Training: As a member of the Cat network, we have access to a comprehensive library of training materials for operators. We also offer personalized training for operating our machines.
  • Financing: Caterpillar offers numerous financing solutions to help you pay for your purchase. Choose from options such as finance leases, operating leases, credit, loans, and working capital.
  • Customer Value Agreements (CVAs): To keep your power systems running at peak condition, consider a Customer Value Agreement. These customizable contracts include comprehensive maintenance plans for your equipment.

Power System Service in Southeast Texas


When you need to keep your power systems running at top performance, allow our service team to help. We have a team dedicated to power system maintenance and repairs that offers these solutions:

  • Engine service: Allow our engine experts to provide the service solution you need, including preventive maintenance and rebuilds.
  • Generator service: We offer generator service that ranges from quick repairs to emergency response.
  • Field service: Call on our power system service team 24 hours a day from any part of our 35-county service area.

The Mustang Promise for Oil and Gas Cat Generators

All Mustang Cat clients receive the Mustang Promise, an industry-leading guarantee. Some of the benefits featured in the Mustang Promise include:

  • One-year warranty: Many of our petroleum power products have a one-year warranty. Depending on the product, we can also offer a free rental loaner during this period.
  • 48-hour service guarantee: When you request service from us, we promise to deliver within 48 hours for both field and shop solutions.
  • $10 million in Cat parts available: The Mustang Cat network stocks $10 million in Cat parts for fast access. We also provide pickup and delivery for Parts.Cat.Com products.

Buy Industrial Gas Generators From Caterpillar

Discover why the oil and gas industry counts on Caterpillar for power that keeps on going. Order your power systems or get more information by visiting a Mustang Cat near you or contacting our experts online.