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Mustang Cat offers an extensive assortment of machinery attachments and work tools. Our work tools allow for increased power, more versatility, and add longevity to your machinery.

With Cat equipment, you have the confidence of knowing a job will get done. Now, with the incredible range of work tools available from Mustang Cat, that job might be even bigger. When you want to get to most out of your equipment, Cat’s work tools are there to amplify your abilities and stretch your budget.

Best of all, Cat offers over 45 attachment categories, from pushers to pulverizes and so much more. There’s a Cat work tool for every job, and each one is engineered for reliability, utility, and internationally recognized Caterpillar quality.


Maximize Your Capabilities With Cat Work Tools From Attachments & Work Tools for Compact Construction Equipment

The advantage of purchasing or renting Cat construction and maintenance equipment is that we have everything you need in one place. We offer a huge inventory of work tools, including blades, saws, augers, snow blowers, rakes, backhoes, hammers, and much more. These tools are designed to increase the efficiency of your machine so that you can work both smarter and faster every day.

With the right attachments, a skilled operator with a trusted machine can move from job to job with virtually no downtime. Your efficiency will be at an all-time high. Applying one piece of equipment to multiple roles also means you can cut down on transport expenses and operating costs.

Cat equipment is best known for its high level of versatility in a broad range of excavation, cutting, and lifting applications. Many of our work tools and attachments have multi-purpose functionality, and they’re easy to swap out with other equipment and components between tasks. We provide quick access to parts, so if you find that you’re missing an important work tool, we can make sure you receive the ideal product right away.

Make Big Equipment Better With Cat Attachments & Work Tools

Heavy equipment is a significant investment, and you want to put it to work. Caterpillar’s quality work tools for big machines add the extra capabilities you need to increase the utility of your fleet. With everything from mining shovels to pulverizers available, Mustang Cat is here to make sure your heavy equipment exceeds your expectations.

Every Cat work tool is engineered to complement your machine’s power and weight. This careful craftsmanship will keep your fuel costs to a minimum, ensure constant stability, and prevent unnecessary strain on your equipment. When you add Cat work tools to your machines, you won’t just do more. You’ll do it better.

Get More From Your Machines with Cat Attachments

Serving Houston and the surrounding areas since 1952, Mustang Cat is a family-owned business with a deep connection to Southeast Texas. We pride ourselves on delivering our customers the equipment, tools and service they need for any job or industry. Our Mustang Promise assures a 48-hour service guarantee, a massive Cat parts inventory, and a year of complimentary protection on all new equipment.

Call 1-800-256-1001 to speak to a Mustang Cat expert, or contact us here for more information on our equipment and work tool inventory. We have retail and rental locations throughout Southeast Texas and are ready to make your Cat better than ever.

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