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Don’t let the Texas sun leave you stranded this summer! Here at Mustang Cat, we’re offering a complimentary PM1 inspection to ensure your equipment is ready to handle the rising temperatures.

A PM1 inspection is a comprehensive preventative maintenance check that includes a thorough examination of critical systems:
• Cooling System: We’ll check for leaks, ensure proper coolant levels, and inspect hoses and belts for wear.
• Lubrication System: We’ll verify proper oil levels and filters to keep your equipment running smoothly.
• Fuel System: We’ll inspect lines and filters to ensure clean fuel delivery.
• Starting System: We’ll test your battery and starting components for reliable starts.
• Exhaust System: We’ll check for leaks and ensure proper emissions.
• Air Intake System: We’ll clean filters and inspect for any blockages that could reduce efficiency.
• Control Panel: We’ll verify all gauges and instruments are functioning properly.
• Generator and Voltage Regulator: We’ll ensure your electrical system is operating at peak performance.
• SOS Sampling: We’ll take an oil sample to analyze for any signs of wear or contamination.

By taking advantage of this free PM1 inspection, you can:
• Prevent unexpected breakdowns: Early detection of potential issues can save you time and money in the long run.
• Maximize equipment lifespan: Regular maintenance helps your equipment run smoother and last longer.
• Improve efficiency: Properly maintained equipment operates at optimal efficiency, saving you on fuel costs.
• Peace of mind: Knowing your equipment is in top condition gives you peace of mind all summer long.

Don’t wait until the heat hits! Schedule your free PM1 inspection today at Mustang Cat. Call us at (713) 452-7756 to schedule your appointment.

Let us help you beat the summer heat!




***Offer ends June 30th, subject to eligibility, may not have an existing CVA to be eligible. 



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