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Why Choose a Wheel Loader for Your Next Project?

A wheel loader's most common purposes involve material loading, but you can also use it in a wide variety of other jobs. Our customers choose Cat wheel loaders when they need:

  • Multiple attachment options: In addition to moving material, a wheel loader can perform numerous tasks thanks to its available attachments. Try utilizing forks, grapples, specialty buckets and more attachments with a variety of capacities to accommodate your specialty jobs.
  • Reliability: Thanks to their multiple uses, wheel loaders can become an irreplaceable staple in your fleet. You can especially count on Cat wheel loaders because of their durable design.
  • Versatility: Cat wheel loaders come in a variety of sizes from compact to larger designs, making them suited for many kinds of work. Choose a model that fits your needs and enjoy the increased efficiency associated with Cat products.
  • Ease of use: Wheel loaders have simple-to-learn controls that often involve the use of a joystick to handle the machine. This ease of use results in shorter training time and improved productivity.

Hard workers like you consider these reasons and more when they buy a wheel loader from Mustang CAT. We can help you find the right choice of construction equipment for your next job.

Reasons to Count on Cat Machines for Your Work

The Caterpillar brand has a legacy of reliability and quality that continues today. They lead the competition in creating durable equipment you can trust because of these benefits:

  • Long-lasting value: Cat machines always have high demand, letting them keep their value throughout your ownership.
  • Top-notch efficiency: Caterpillar designs every piece of equipment to provide the ultimate in reliability, fuel efficiency and affordability.
  • Customer support: Let us provide service and support as you integrate your new Cat machine into your fleet.
  • Global networks: When you become the owner of a Cat product, you get access to support from every location across Southeast Texas and the world.
  • Extra protection: We offer financing options, extended warranties and insurance coverage to help you get the most out of your investment.

As your Cat dealer, we can offer these perks and more. Visit one of our locations to experience the Caterpillar difference for yourself.

All New Cat Wheel Loaders Supported by the Mustang Promise

Quality, protection and trust. Every purchase of a new Cat wheel loader comes with the Mustang Promise, a guarantee based on these values. As our valued customer, you receive industry-leading customer service from our team. Learn more about the Mustang Promise on our website.

Learn More About Our Wheel Loader Selection

Browse the selection of wheel loaders on this page to discover your options, or contact our team online for more information.