Cat Machines Are Built To Be Rebuilt


Have Your Machine Rebuilt At Our Cat Certified Rebuild Center

At our Cat Certified Rebuild Center, we can essentially rebuild an entire machine. In doing so, we restore the original  productivity and reliability of your machine, at a fraction of the cost. Your machine’s parts and systems will be restored using only Cat parts. At Mustang Cat, we adhere to Caterpillar’s strict guidelines on parts reusability. Our Cat Certified Rebuild Center provides an economical solution to updating your fleet, while keeping costs low.

Why Machine Rebuilds Are The Most Efficient Option

Rebuilding a machine is more cost effective than it is to buy a new or used replacement. Machine Rebuild costs typically range from 60-65% of new machine cost. During the rebuild process, we implement the latest engineering updates. When performing a Cat Certified Rebuild (CCR) you will receive a new serial number, which increases the resale value of your machine. 

What Makes the Mustang Cat Rebuild Experience Unique?

  • Once the machine is complete, the customer is invited to come walk the machine at our yard before it is transported.
  • After the machine is delivered to the customer, a field service tech will be at the customer location with the machine. The tech will stay onsite for a full day in case any problems arise once the machine is put back into production. 
  • Every rebuilt machine will come with a time lapse video showing the entire rebuild process. 


Ready to Rebuild Your Construction Machinery

Renewing your Cat machine can be a simple, hassle-free process. Contact us or give us a call for next steps on your machine rebuild.

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