SOS – Oil Sampling

Mustang’s S•O•S Fluid Analysis (SOS Oil Sampling) can help you keep your machines and engines running at their best! With the advanced analysis, our technicians will measure the amount of various elements in oil from a particular compartment to detect any abnormal contaminants. Identifying potential problems early on allows for minor issues to be addressed before they turn into costly repairs; saving time, and money and protecting valuable equipment along the way. Our team is ready with tailored solutions that fit within your budget so you can ensure maximus protection while maximizing productivity – all without breaking the bank.


Unlock the Benefits of CAT SOS Oil Analysis With Mustang Cat

Cat SOS oil analysis is a preventative maintenance tool that provides several benefits for heavy equipment owners. Some of they key benefits of CAT SOS oil analysis are:

  • Early Detection of potential problems
  • Reduction of downtime and repair costs
  • Detailed information on equipment condition
  • Targeted maintenance and repairs 
  • Maximized equipment cost

How To Schedule SOS Oil Sampling

Looking to schedule SOS services? Now worries, we’ve got you covered. Contact the SOS Oil Lab with any questions at 713-452-7212 or 

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