Increase Machinery Longevity with Remanufactured Cat Parts

Genuine Cat parts are a great long-term investment for your Cat equipment, but they may not suit your operation’s financial needs. Remanufacturing parts is an excellent way to give you reliable products for a lower price. Cat Reman uses a finely tuned restoration process to take a once-great Cat part and make it robust and durable again.

Remanufacturing Cat products comes with a variety of benefits for clients and production teams. These remanufactured parts allow you to enjoy quality products without paying new prices, and it recycles materials back into the product line. By implementing these end-of-life practices, Caterpillar® leads the industry in both durability and sustainability.

The Cat Remanufacturing inventory covers a broad range of products so you can find what you need for your next job. Choose from the follow items:

Have these parts shipped to one of our store locations in Southeast Texas for pick-up or delivered right to your location. If you’re looking for another pick-up option, we also have drop sites for added convenience.

How Cat Remanufacturing Works

Whenever you order Cat equipment, you have the opportunity to use Cat remanufacturing (Cat Reman) for the restoration of old machine parts. Send your used equipment to Mustang Cat, and we’ll use the certified Cat Reman process to salvage parts from your old machinery and reengineer them to work like new.

With Cat Reman, we keep a selection of remanufactured Cat parts in-store, so you can find the quality materials you’re looking for without the new price tag. Pay up to 40% less with remanufactured parts while enjoying the durability of Caterpillar.

When our certified technicians receive a product for remanufacturing, they perform a series of steps to restore the function of the machinery. This process includes disassembling, inspecting and cleaning each component of a part and using state-of-the-art technology to salvage any usable scraps. These components are reassembled like-new and tested according to Caterpillar standards.

We have so much confidence in our remanufacturing process that we offer the same warranty as we do for new parts. When you buy Cat Reman parts, you are purchasing the reliability you always expect from Caterpillar.

Ask Us About Cat Reman Parts for Your Equipment

At Mustang Cat, we pride ourselves on providing equipment, products and services that support the efficiency of your fleet and operation. With Cat Reman, you can get the same durable Cat products for a smaller budget. If you have used parts you’re interested in remanufacturing or you want to order a Cat Reman product, contact us today!