Increase Machinery Longevity with Remanufactured Cat® Parts

Although new genuine CAT® parts are an excellent long-term investment for your Cat equipment, they may not suit your operation’s financial needs. Remanufacturing parts is a perfect way to give you reliable products for a lower price. Cat Reman uses a finely tuned restoration process to take a once-great Cat part and make it robust and durable again.

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Remanufacturing Cat products comes with various benefits for clients and production teams. These remanufactured parts allow you to enjoy quality components without paying new prices, and it recycles materials back into the product line. By implementing these end-of-life practices, Caterpillar leads the industry in both durability and sustainability.

The Cat Remanufacturing inventory covers a broad range of products so you can find what you need for your next job. Choose from the following items:

At Mustang Cat, we take pride in helping preserve the environment by recycling parts and keeping useful materials out of landfills. Remanufactured parts are just one example of how we can help you find high-performance components for your machinery at the most cost-effective prices.

We offer thousands of Cat remanufactured components for sale to meet your parts replacement requirements. Have these parts shipped to one of our store locations in Southeast Texas for pickup or delivered directly to your facility. We also have drop sites for added convenience if you’re looking for another pickup option.

What Are Remanufactured Parts?

When you exchange your old Cat parts at Mustang Cat, we’ll evaluate them to determine if they’re suitable for remanufacturing. The components that meet our standards will undergo the reman process. Remanufacturing the part takes it to like-new condition. 

The only difference when you install a remanufactured Cat component on your machine is the lower price. These components have the same level of performance as the original parts on your Cat equipment.

Remanufacturing involves different methods than the refurbishment processes other companies perform. Cat reman products do not undergo boring or drilling to alter their structure. Instead, we utilize multistep procedures to ensure the remanufactured parts function like new Cat components. 

Our remanufacturing process incorporates the most recent engineering and design changes, ensuring your reman parts meet the latest performance specifications from Caterpillar.

Benefits of Cat Remanufactured Parts

When you buy a remanufactured Cat part, you help promote a more sustainable environment. Since these components require a manufacturing process with fewer steps, refurbishing them for reinstallation results in less emissions than creating a new part. 

Choosing reman parts offers additional benefits like:

  • Superior design: A Cat remanufactured part comes from the same company that designed and tested it when it was new, with the same innovative resources and technical expertise. You can also upgrade your remanufactured parts to include the latest Caterpillar technological advancements.
  • Cost savings: The reman process reduces the labor and materials costs of manufacturing the component new, allowing you to take advantage of decreased parts prices. In addition, you reduce costs by eliminating the need for hauling and disposal fees at landfills.
  • Sustainability: Reducing waste and minimizing the need for new raw materials is the core principle of remanufacturing. Keeping nonrenewable resources in circulation for multiple lifetimes is one of the most significant contributions a manufacturer can make to the environment. Remanufacturing also involves fewer energy resources, resulting in decreased greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.
  • Product selection: Reman parts give you more options for repairing or overhauling. Many remanufactured components are available over the counter, from air compressors and oil coolers to piston pumps and alternators.

How Cat Remanufacturing Works

Whenever you order Cat equipment, you have the opportunity to use Cat Reman for the restoration of old machine parts. Send your used equipment to Mustang Cat, and we’ll use the certified Cat Reman process to salvage parts from your old machinery and reengineer them to work like new ones.

With Cat Reman, we keep a selection of remanufactured Cat parts in-store, so you can find the quality materials you’re looking for without the new price tag. Pay up to 40% less with remanufactured parts while enjoying the durability of Caterpillar.

When our certified technicians receive a product for remanufacturing, they perform a series of steps to restore the function of the machinery. This process includes disassembling, inspecting and cleaning each part component and using state-of-the-art technology to salvage any usable scraps. These components are reassembled like new and tested according to Caterpillar standards.

We have so much confidence in our remanufacturing process that we offer the same warranty as we do for new parts. When you buy Cat Reman parts, you purchase the same reliable components you always expect from Caterpillar.

Advantages of Partnering With Mustang Cat

Mustang Cat’s extensive selection of remanufactured components makes your parts ordering process simple. Our reman parts deliver the same high performance you expect from the Cat brand, including world-class technical support and customer service from our professional staff. Offering Cat reman parts is just one of the many ways we’ve been helping provide solutions to our customers in Southeast Texas and beyond for decades.

When you choose Mustang Cat for your heavy equipment requirements, you partner with one of the region’s most reliable and trusted dealers, backed by the superior quality of a global leader in equipment manufacturing. Besides saving money and improving your equipment’s performance, you’ll be doing your part to help preserve the environment by ordering remanufactured components.

Ask Us About Cat Reman Parts for Your Equipment

At Mustang Cat, we pride ourselves on providing equipment, products and services that support the efficiency of your fleet and operation. With Cat Reman, you can get the same durable Cat products for a smaller budget. If you have used parts you’re interested in remanufacturing or you want to order a Cat Reman product, contact us today!