What To Know About Being A Heavy Equipment Repair Technician

A heavy equipment repair technician plays a crucial role in the success of construction companies and many other businesses. The tech’s job entails keeping machines like excavators, backhoe loaders and bulldozers in peak condition and ensuring their safe operation. 

A heavy equipment repair technician career can be rewarding and satisfying for anyone with a strong mechanical aptitude who would enjoy working on these powerful machines. 

What Does a Heavy Equipment Technician Do?

Depending on the types of equipment and the employer’s needs, a heavy equipment tech may perform a wide range of duties:

  • Check machines to ensure proper performance and inspect them for possible malfunctions and safety issues.
  • Use computerized diagnostic equipment to determine the extent of repairs.
  • Make adjustments and replace defective components using various power and hand tools.
  • Test repaired equipment to ensure it meets all specifications and standards.
  • Perform maintenance tasks like changing oil and coolant, cleaning, lubricating, and painting.
  • Engage in extensive engine rebuilds and refurbishment projects to upgrade older equipment.

Many of these tasks can be physically demanding, so technicians should be able to lift heavy objects and stand for several hours at a time. 

How to Become a Heavy Equipment Repair Technician

Appropriate training is essential because of the specialized skills techs need to perform their duties. The best programs combine working with the equipment in a hands-on, real-world work environment and classroom instruction for a well-rounded educational experience. 

The education needed to become a heavy equipment repair tech is completely attainable for those who wish to go this route. A four-year college degree isn’t required to land an entry-level position. Many community colleges and vocational schools offer specialized training programs students can complete in two years or less. These programs often include paid or unpaid internships where students get to work with specific types of equipment. 

Heavy equipment dealerships and other companies interested in hiring repair technicians may offer apprenticeship programs that provide a pathway to future employment. Students receive job-specific training and education to prepare them for a position with the business when they complete the program. 

Some companies may prefer candidates who are certified in heavy equipment repairs. Certification demonstrates that technicians have the required knowledge, experience and skills to perform various repair tasks. Technicians can fulfill the requirements by completing programs offered by professional organizations like National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) that require applicants to have industry experience and pass an exam. 

Mustang Cat Can Help You Become a Heavy Equipment Repair Technician

Mustang Cat can provide the training you need if you’re in Southeast Texas and are thinking of pursuing a career as a heavy equipment technician. Our two-year ThinkBIG apprenticeship program combines technical and academic training to prepare you for a rewarding career with one of the top Cat® equipment dealers in the nation. 

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