Common Types of Generators for Commercial and Industrial Use

Common Types of Generators for Commercial and Industrial Use

Is it time to purchase a generator for your facility or remote job site? Commercial and industrial applications call for more robust generators than their residential counterparts. As you evaluate your options, you’ll need to determine which equipment type is the right match for your work environment and usage requirements.

What Is the Most Common Type of Generator?

A diesel-powered generator is the most popular option for many businesses. These units run efficiently and inexpensively in various conditions. Diesel fuel is readily available, and you can store it for extended periods if you use the appropriate additives. If you’re concerned about equipment maintenance, a diesel engine can operate from 12,000 to 30,000 hours before requiring service.

Natural gas generators present another practical option, assuming your business or job site has access to a natural gas line. You won’t need to store fuel since it flows freely through the pipes and is available whenever you need it. It’s also less expensive than diesel, although you may need more of it to keep your generators running.

If you have extensive environmental concerns, consider a propane generator for your business. Propane is a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer toxic fumes than natural gas. While a propane generator often costs more to purchase upfront, owners can usually recoup the initial cost through reduced fuel consumption over time.

What Type of Generator Is Most Efficient?

Diesel generators typically provide the best option in terms of energy efficiency. The low burning temperature of diesel fuel reduces the strain on the engine. As a result, these generators often result in lower fuel costs in the long run.

Other Types of Commercial Generators

You can also choose generators for specialized applications. For example, a large portable industrial model is an excellent choice for remote job sites that don’t have access to the power grid. These trailer-mounted units are towable, enabling you to move them between sites and place them as needed.

Do you make your living on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway or other large water bodies in Southeast Texas? Marine generators are a great option that can keep your vessels on the job and productive.

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