Reducing Energy Costs of Your Generator Set

With a bit of planning and strategy, you can significantly reduce your generator sets’ energy expenses. When you set out to decrease your power costs, you save money and increase your company’s reputation as a sustainable and forward-thinking brand. Through initiatives such as performing preventative maintenance, buying the proper generators, shaving peak energy hours and using steam power, you can lower generator energy costs and increase your machine’s capacity.

Scheduling Regular Preventative Maintenance

Regularly generator maintenance is the most foolproof way to ensure you’re not losing money on them. Every generator manual should contain a suggested maintenance schedule, recommended parts and the contact information of authorized servicers guaranteed to know the most about your generator. By strictly adhering to the factory-recommended service cycle, you can prevent future generator problems before they start and help eliminate potential downtime. Improve safety, generator health and fuel consumption by regularly maintaining your generators according to the standards set in their manuals.

Buying the Right Generator

When choosing a generator for your operation, select one specifically suited for your plant’s demands. If you choose too smaller generator, you risk overworking the system and causing permanent damage and premature failure. If the power generator you select is too large, you’ll likely be paying for excess energy, decreasing your cost savings and energy efficiency. Though it may be tempting to opt for the most cost-effective generator, inappropriately sized models will increase your energy expenses and fail more quickly.

Shaving Peak Energy Hours

After you’ve purchased the right generator and maintained it well, the most effective way to reduce generator energy costs is by decreasing your power usage during peak hours. Your electric company probably informs you about peak hours when the energy grid sees the most demand. By lessening production during this time or offsetting it with other energy sources such as diesel or steam, you can significantly increase your generator energy savings.

Opt For A Steam Generator

Steam is an inevitable byproduct of most manufacturing plants, but you can turn it into low-cost electricity with just a little initiative. Steam generators are implemented in your existing steam system parallel to the pressure reduction valve. These systems drop the steam pressure to match the pressure your plant requires for production, and they use moisture-resistant rotors to turn the excess steam into more energy. In a couple of years, your secondary steam generator system can pay for itself and drastically reduce your energy costs.

Find the Right Generator With Mustang Cat

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