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RM500B Rotary Mixer

Maximum Operating Weight

62611 lb

Cutting/Mixing Width

96 in

Gross Power

546 HP

New Road Reclaimers for Sale

Does your business perform roadwork in the Houston area? You'll likely need a road reclaimer to complete your projects. These powerful machines pulverize a road's top asphalt layer and combine it with the underlying soil base. This process can help restore a deteriorating roadway by enhancing its stability. 

If you need a high-quality asphalt reclaimer for sale in Southeast Texas, Mustang Cat can meet your needs. We've been a trusted equipment supplier in the region since 1952. Our reputation hinges on our industry-best products, exceptional service and solutions-based business approach. 

We Offer Cat® Asphalt Reclaimers for Sale

Mustang Cat is proud to be the region's authorized Cat® equipment dealer. The latest Cat products offer cutting-edge heavy equipment technologies and innovative features. These advancements produce the best outcomes in the most challenging job site applications. You'll be able to complete more work in less time and reduce your company's operating costs. 

Our new asphalt reclaimers for sale include the high-performing RM500B Rotary Mixer. This cutting-edge equipment includes many features that provide long-term value for your business:

  • Superior performance: This asphalt reclaimer machine includes a host of advanced features. Beyond standard capabilities, these machines have optional features that increase productivity and efficiency. 
  • Innovation: Cat reclaimers include cutting-edge features like Advance Combustion Emission Reduction Technology (ACERT). ACERT ensures the air and fuel systems meet EPA standards without impacting engine performance.
  • Flexibility: This road reclaimer enables you to add binding agents while pulverizing or completing another pass.
  • Ergonomic design: The road reclaimer's design improves the operator's performance and productivity. The positioning of the controls and switches reduces strain and minimizes fatigue. The enhanced visibility promotes safety by enabling the user to view other equipment and obstacles more easily. 
  • Solid construction: Road reclaimers must perform in challenging conditions. Cat products are built to last. You'll experience many years of reliable service with minimal mechanical issues.

Why Partner With Mustang Cat?

At Mustang Cat, we strive to provide a broad selection of high-quality equipment. The right machinery improves performance and productivity while lowering operating costs. We can provide the right machines and tools to optimize your job site and gain a competitive edge. 

As a family-owned dealer, we commit ourselves to delivering top-notch customer service. We'll provide timely maintenance and repairs to keep your road reclaimers and other equipment on the job. These services also ensure you get the most out of your machines by maximizing their life spans. If you need parts, we can help. Explore our extensive inventory of new, used and remanufactured components. Increased part availability ensures you'll get the appropriate item at the right time. 

Check Out Our New Road Reclaimers for Sale Today

Could a state-of-the-art asphalt reclaimer machine add value to your Houston-area business? Discover the lineup of new Cat asphalt reclaimers at Mustang Cat. Take the next step and visit the Mustang Cat location near you for a closer look today. You can also call us at 800-256-1001 or contact us online to learn more.