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Mini Backhoes and Backhoes for Sale in Texas From Mustang CAT

With its headquarters in Houston, Texas, Mustang® Cat is a privately-held dealership which has been in the forefront of construction and power systems equipment for more than 60 years. Mustang Cat is currently led by President Brad Tucker. Brad was preceded by great company leaders such as Otis Massey, Frank L. Tucker and Earl C. Calkins, who paved the way with their foresight and leadership making Mustang Cat what it is today - a customer solutions organization.

In addition to paving roadways and highways, Mustang's power systems division generates power for numerous facilities throughout the Houston area including hospitals, education facilities, municipalities, commercial businesses and other industries that need power. Recent expansions to power systems equipment including electric power generation, gas compression pumps, transmissions and other power equipment continue the focus to provide solutions for our different customer market segments.

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Reasons to Add a Backhoe to Your Fleet

Backhoes can perform tasks associated with construction and landscaping jobs. Their versatility and variety make them irreplaceable in many workers' fleets. You may want to choose a backhoe if you need these benefits:

  • Versatility: Backhoes feature a bucket attachment and excavating arm that let you dig and collect materials. In other words, they can perform two machines' jobs at once.
  • Variety: Cat backhoes come in various sizes and models suited for different jobs. You can find an option designed for your line of work to get the highest level of efficiency possible.
  • Attachment options: In addition to the standard excavating arm and bucket, you can attach a wide range of tools to your Cat backhoe. Consider attachments like hammers, compactors and more to expand your machine's uses.
  • Mobility: A backhoe can travel on its own across a jobsite without needing another vehicle to transport it. It can also handle various ground surfaces as it gets from one location to another.

Mustang CAT can help you find an equipment option that suits your job and budget. Leave it to our team to guide you through our selection so you can discover the perfect option for your work.

Why Choose a Cat Backhoe?

Caterpillar's legacy of quality and reliability that shows in their machines today. They lead across industries in creating heavy equipment you can count on thanks to these advantages:

  • Top efficiency: Every Cat machine has a design focused on fuel efficiency, affordability and reliability.
  • Global networks: As the owner of a Cat product, you receive access to assistance from Mustang CAT and other members of the Cat dealer network.
  • Additional protection: Get more out of your investment with extended warranties, financing plans and insurance coverage.
  • Exceptional support: Our team can provide training and support as you integrate your new backhoe into your workflow.
  • Long-lasting value: Your Cat backhoe's durability and versatility will keep its resale value high throughout your ownership of it.

Cat dealers like Mustang CAT can offer these benefits and more as you become the proud owner of a Cat backhoe. We can handle the small details so you can enjoy your investment.

Discover the Mustang Promise Today

Quality, protection and trust — these values drive the Mustang Promise, our guarantee to you. Browse the backhoes on this page to learn about your product options, or get in touch with our team for more information.