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G3412 Gas Generator Set

Generator Set Specifications

Maximum Standby Rating

500 ekW @0.8pf

Fuel Type

Natural Gas

Emissions/Fuel Strategy

U.S. EPA Certified for Emergency Only Stationary Genset


60 Hz


1800 rpm

Engine Specifications

Engine Model










Generator Set Dimensions







Dry Weight - Genset


Standard Equipment:

  • Air Inlet
    • Two-element single-stage air cleaner with enclosure and service indicator
    • Dual air cleaners, 1 per side, with service indicator
  • Control Panel
    • EMCP 4.3
  • Cooling
    • Package mounted radiator
    • LH or RG connections when radiator is not selected
    • Engine driven pumps for jacket water and separate circuit aftercooler
    • Jacket water and SCAC thermostats
  • Fuel
    • Pipeline Natural Gas: 800-1000 BTU/scf and 70-100 Methane Number
    • Gas Train: NFPA37 and CSA B149.3
  • Exhaust
    • Dry exhaust manifolds, insulated and shielded
  • Fuel System
    • Engine-installed electronic control valve
    • Gas pressure regulator
    • 24V DC energized-to-run (ETR) gas shutoff valve
  • General
    • Paint- Caterpillar Yellow with gloss black rails and radiators
    • Operation and maintenance manuals
    • RH Service
    • Parts book
    • Crankshaft vibration damper and guard
  • Lubrication
    • Cartridge style oil filter
    • Gear type lube oil pump
  • Generator
    • Caterpillar's Digital Voltage Regulator (CDVR) including reactive droop capability, 3-phase voltage sensing, KVAR/PF modes, RFI suppression, and a min/max exciter
    • Anti-condensation space heater
    • Permanent Magnet Excitiation
    • Winding temperature detectors
  • Governing System
    • ADEM A4
  • Ignition System
    • Electronic Ignition System (controlled by ADEM A4)
    • Individual Cylinder Detonation Sensitive Timing (DST)
  • Starting/charging
    • Electric Starter
    • 24V DC starting motors

Optional Equipment:

  • Air Inlet
    • Air cleaner with precleaner
  • Circuit Breakers
    • S LSI
    • Frame mounting
    • Right, left, rear mounted
  • Control Panel
    • Local alarm module
    • Local PC monitoring
    • Remote PC monitoring
    • Remote annunciator
  • Cooling
    • Inlet/Outlet connections
    • Coolant level drain line with valves, fan with guard
  • Exhaust
    • Flexible fittings
    • 15, 25 dBA Attenuation
  • General
    • Digital diagnostic tool
    • Tool set
    • US AID emblem
  • Generator
    • Cable access box
    • Bearing temperature detectors
  • Starting/charging
    • Battery with cables and rack (shipped loose)
    • 10A, 24VDC battery charger
    • Jacket water heater

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