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Cannon Capacity

2,839 liters per min up to 60 meters (750 gallons per min up to 200 ft)

Water Coverage

0.8 L/m² at speeds of 4 to 40 kph (0.02 gal/ft² at speeds of 3 to 25 mph)

Standard Equipment:

  • Controls
    • Dealer installed
    • Integrated into cab
    • Ergonomic
    • Durable
  • Water System Monitor
    • Integrated into cab
    • Programmable spray configurations
    • Automatic diagnostic messages
  • Variable Hydraulic Pump Drive
    • 1,200 gpm at speeds of 3 to 25 mph
    • Auto shut-off
    • Soft startup
  • Stainless Steel Spray Heads
    • Resists corrosion
    • Mainentance free
    • Patented design
  • Independent Hydraulic & Cooling System
    • Minimizes overheating
  • Water Cannon
    • Hydraulically controlled
    • Optional nozzles
    • Integrated joystick with cab controls
    • Operates at idle for added fuel savings
  • Parts & Service
    • Available through global Cat Dealer Network
  • Water Tank
    • Contact your local Cat dealer or Caterpillar OEM Solutions at for assistance in obtaining water tanks through local suppliers worldwide.

Optional Equipment:

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