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Cat® Microgrid Master Controller-Small (MMC-S)

The Cat® Microgrid Master Controller-Small (MMC-S) is designed for industrial/commercial installations. The MMC will integrate a variety of traditional and renewable energy sources to provide overall monitoring and control of the assets. These assets may be either located at a common installation or dispatched over a wider region.

Technical Summary


Microgrid Control

Module Type

Monitoring / control and asset optimization

Standard Equipment:

  • Mmc-s Panel
    • 13" industrial color touch-screen display
    • Cat electronic control module (ECM)
    • Configurable protocol translator
    • Industrial PC for data management
    • Router for customer connection-Ethernet port
    • Digital I/O module for interfacing with ATS and other relays
    • Lightening Arrestor & Surge Protector
    • Fan and heater for temperature regulation with thermal and humidity control
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply with battery management
    • Indoor/Outdoor rated IP54 wall mount control panel
  • Software Modules
    • Individual software modules control each type of asset
    • Up to five (5) software modules may be installed to match the site power system configuration

Optional Equipment:

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