Cat® 308E2 CR vs. Bobcat E85

If you’re in the market for a new mini hydraulic excavator, the Cat 308E2 CR and the Bobcat E85 are two popular options currently on the market. Both pieces of equipment deliver power and versatility for your operational requirements, and they’re worth comparing to ensure you get a machine that fits your needs.

We put the two side by side to highlight the standout capabilities of the 308E2 CR and the E85 so you can find the best option for your operational demands.

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Comparing Key Operating Features

These mini hydraulic excavators differ in various aspects of their capabilities, so we’ve pulled out a few leading features for comparison. Explore how the Cat 308E2 CR and the Bobcat E85 hold up to each other for yourself.

How the Cat 308 Outperforms the Bobcat E85

As you tackle day-to-day applications on the job, you need reliable performance for your most demanding projects. Having equipment that can deliver the performance you need is key to optimizing productivity and efficiency. The Cat 308E2 CR offers greater horsepower at 66.7 versus Bobcat’s 59.4. The Cat equipment also has a turbocharger available, while the Bobcat does not. With an operating weight of 18,519 pounds, the 308E2 CR is lighter than the E85, weighing 18,977 pounds.

Machinery Operation: Cat 308E2 Vs Bobcat E85

Having optimized operational capabilities allows you to boost productivity at the job site every day. Both equipment models provide intuitive controls and instrumentation panels for easy operation. In the Cat excavator, the swing boom is operated by a joystick, while the Bobcat activates the boom via a floor panel. You’ll need to analyze your requirements to determine what works best for you.

In terms of visibility, the Bobcat stands out with narrow side pillars and a large top window to make site navigation easier. When it comes to smooth operation, though, the Cat model is the clear winner. The 308E2 CR offers close bucket breakout and stick forces, allowing smooth control for lifting and digging. The Bobcat model has a bucket digging force higher than its stick digging force, and the variability between the two can reduce the smoothness of movement.

Serviceability of the Bobcat E85 & Cat 308

With easier maintenance, you can keep your equipment running longer and deliver superior performance. The Cat excavator offers increased service intervals, which allow for decreased operating costs compared to the E85. In both excavators, service panels are located in easy-to-access places for more convenient maintenance.

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Learn More About the Cat 308E2 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator

Delivering optimized capabilities, robust performance, and smooth operation, the Cat 308E2 has the advantage over the Bobcat E85. If you’re interested in seeing how this equipment can handle your requirements, stop by one of our Mustang Cat locations and take a look for yourself. As the exclusive Cat dealer in the Houston area, we offer a comprehensive inventory and are here to help you find the exact equipment configuration you need for the job. To learn more, reach out to us today.