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7495 Electric Rope Shovel

Cat® Electric Rope Shovels combine immense payload capability with low maintenance requirements and high reliability to deliver the lowest cost-per-ton loading solution for long-life mines. The Cat 7495 with HydraCrowd features AC IGBT electrics for greater uptime, lower operating costs and faster cycle times. The state-of-the-art operator’s cab is the most comfortable and productivity-enhancing in the industry. The 7495 is available with a number of new technologies that provide operator assist and machine self-protection, enable proactive maintenance, and deliver real-time information on productivity and performance. An entirely electric machine, the 7495 is cleaner and more efficient than diesel-powered machines, plus its regenerative braking technology feeds electrical energy back to the grid.


Dipper Payload


Dipper Capacity

30.6-62.7 m3 (40-82 yd3)

Dipper Payload (Available Dipper Payloads Up To 109 Tonnes [120 tons] When Specified)



Dependent on application and material density


Working Weight - With Dipper and Standard Links


Ballast - Furnished By Customer


Note (1)

These weights will vary slightly depending upon dipper and optional equipment selection

Note (2)

All specifications are based on a 56 m3 (73 yd3) dipper and standard 200.7 cm (79 in) crawlers.

Main Structures

Crawler Dimensions - Overall Width 259.1 cm (102 in) Treads


Crawler Dimensions - Overall Width 200.7 cm (79 in) Treads, Standard



A planetary gearbox with dual-output pinions provides the hoist torque transfer from the electric motor to the hoist drum gear.

Ground Bearing Pressure - Note

Ground bearing pressure is dependent upon many factors

Upper Works Overall Width - Including Standard Walkways


Ground Bearing Pressure - Total Effective Bearing Area (259.1 cm/102 in) Treads

46.6 m2 (298 kPa); 501.7 ft2 (43 psi)


Two planetary gearboxes, each driven by a vertically mounted motor, are located on either side of the revolving frame. Dual-output pinion shafts from each gearbox engage the swing rack.

Planetary Propel

Dual-motor independent drive

Ground Bearing Pressure - Total Effective Bearing Area (200.7 cm/79 in) Treads - Standard

36 m2 (382 kPa); 386 ft2 (55 psi)

Lube System


Automatic, single-line system for open gear lubricant and grease

Components (1)

Six pumps (four for open gear lubricant and two for grease) located in an insulated, heated, double-walled lube room

Components (2)

External FastFil from lower level


Power Requirements - Note

Other voltage options available to suit customer requirements


IGBT Acutrol drive system

Power Requirements - 50 Hz

6,000V, 6,600V, 7,200V, 11,000V

Power Requirements - Average Power Demand

945-1322 kW

Power Requirements - Voltage

3 phase, 50/60 Hz, 7,200V

Power Requirements - 60 Hz

7,200V, 13,800V

System Voltage - Nominal

50/60 Hz, 7,200V

Power Requirements - Peak power

3778 kW

Front End

Rope Data - Boom Suspension - No.


Rope Data - Boom Suspension - Diameter



One piece, forged, seamless tubular dipper handle and wide-spread boom point sheaves equipped with hoist ropes and dipper padlocks to stabilize dipper handle.

Rope Data - Note

High impact ropes available as an option

Rope Data - Dipper Trip - No.


Rope Data - Hoist - No.


Rope Data - Hoist - Diameter


Rope Data - Dipper Trip - Diameter


Crowd (1)

HydraCrowd, hydraulic power skid, located at the front center of the revolving frame deck, powers a large hydraulic cylinder to move the dipper handle fore and aft.

Crowd (2)

(Optional) Rope Crowd, the crowd machinery is located at the front center of the revolving frame, consisting of motor, brake, drum and gearing. Plastic-impregnated crowd and retract ropes are used to move the dipper handle fore and aft.

Dimensions - Working Ranges

Dipper Capacities

30.6-62.7 m3 (40-82 yd3)

Maximum Dumping Height


Dipper Payload

120ton (US)

Operating Weight


Dimensions (Approximate) - Optimal Working Ranges*

Cutting Radius - Maximum


Revolving Frame Tail Swing Radius


Cutting Height - Maximum


Radius of Level Floor


Dumping Height - With Clearance to Open Dipper Door


Note (1)

Optimal working ranges based on loading a Cat 795F AC truck.

Note (2)

*All specifications are based on a 56 m3 (73 yd3) dipper and standard 200.7 cm (79 in) crawlers.

Standard Equipment:

Optional Equipment:

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