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Cat C2.2 Marine Generator Set

Cat C2.2 Marine Generator Set

Cat® C2.2 Diesel Marine Generator Set

Generator Set Specifications

Maximum Rating

25 ekW (25 kVA)

Minimum Rating

15 ekW (15 kVA)

Engine Specifications

Rated Engine Speed

1500 / 1800 rpm


U.S. EPA Tier 3


Inline 4, 4-Stroke Cycle diesel




Naturally Aspirated / Turbocharged

Governor Type

Electrical Ischronous





Refill Capacity

Lube Oil System w/oil filter change: 10.6 L (2.8 gal)

Oil Change Interval

500 hrs

Rotation from Flywheel End



Hex or Single Circuit Keel

Generator Set Dimensions


47.9 in / 1,219 mm (open) 50.7 in / 1,290 mm (enclosed)


22.3 in / 567 mm (open) 24.7 in / 628 mm (enclosed)


32.8 in / 835 mm (open) 31.0 in / 775 mm (enclosed)

Engine Dry Weight

857-1,027 lb / 386-466 kg

Standard Equipment:

  • Standard Equipment
    • Single element air cleaner
    • Water-cooled exhaust manifold
    • Single or Three phase brushless generator
    • 12 or 24 volt electric starting motor
    • 12 volt 55 amp alternator
    • Single sided service points
    • Anti-vibration mounts.
    • Electronic automatic safety shutdowns

Optional Equipment:

  • Optional Attachments
    • Sound attenuated enclosure (Factory Fit or Upgrade Kit)
    • Keel cooling kit
    • Basic, Deluxe and remote panel options
    • AC circuit breakers
    • Flexible fuel lines
    • Primary fuel filter/water separator
    • Siphon break
    • Exhaust system components
    • Insulated electrical system

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