Sell Used Power Equipment


If you own used power equipment that you don’t need anymore, sell it to us and make some money! With selling options through Mustang Cat, making money from your used power equipment is easy, fast, and convenient. We buy and resell generators, transfer switches, and other used equipment, while keeping the process hassle-free for you. Work with us to sell off your used power equipment.

When you have old equipment that’s no longer in use, it can take up valuable storage space. You also don’t want to hold on to used power equipment that might require ongoing maintenance expenses even when you’re not using it for daily operations. Finding the right solution to move it elsewhere and get some cash back is ideal to help you use your facility, work site or other storage space efficiently.

At Mustang Cat, we buy and sell the following surplus equipment:

  • 40-2250kW Generator sets
  • Generator ends
  • Diesel/Industrial Engines
  • Natural Gas Engines
  • Marine Engines
  • Marine Transmissions
  • Power Units
  • Transfer Switches
  • Single Machines
  • Entire Facility/Plant/Site Liquidations

Any Brand, Any Condition, Anywhere in The World. 

Any Brand, Any Condition, Anywhere in The World – that’s what we’ll accept to buy and resell. We can take equipment from any location or brand, and we also accept a range of condition levels. You can depend on us to keep the selling process fast and easy, regardless of the make, model or shape the equipment is in. Follow these simple steps to get cash for your equipment:

  1. Get an inspection: Your first step is to get a quick inspection of your used equipment from one of our appraisers so we can evaluate its market value.
  2. Accept a quote: We’ll then offer you a top-dollar quote based on your equipment’s condition and the market demand for it. All sales are final.
  3. Equipment pickup and payment: Once you accept the quote, you’re already done – no negotiating with buyers or arranging transportation. We’ll come pick up your equipment and pay you right away.

Where can you sell your equipment? Visit any one of the convenient Mustang Cat locations near you! We can accept your used generator and other power equipment at our locations to resell.

Benefits of Selling Used Power Machinery with Us


When you partner with Mustang Cat, you can trust us to deliver prompt, attentive service and competitive pay rates for your power machinery or equipment. We understand that you have a lot to do on the job, which is why we prioritize saving you time while giving you a great deal on your sale.

Enjoy these key benefits of working with us:

  • Competitive pricing: Get the best offer for your equipment with us and make quick cash when you sell used equipment you’ve put money into over the years.
  • Quick payment: You’ll get a wire transfer upon agreement to make getting your payment fast and convenient. 
  • Reliability with Caterpillar Brand Recognition: You can be confident you’ll get fair offers and quick service for Cat® products as well as units from other manufacturers.
  • Extensive resources: Access our Global Sales Network to get the best rates and explore your options for selling your used equipment.
  • Fast turnaround: A Mustang Cat representative will contact you within one business day so you can get the inspection and sales process done as soon as possible.


Sell Used Generators at a Mustang Cat Near You


Whether you’re selling generators, transfer switches, marine transmissions or a range of other used equipment, our team is here to help make the sales process seamless. Let us help you make money back on your equipment investments while making the entire process easy for you. 

Come visit us today or reach out to our team to discuss the equipment you’d like to sell.


Any Brand, Any Condition, Anywhere in The World.  

Benefits to working with us:

  • Get the best offer for your equipment
  • Quick Payment, Wire Transfer Upon Agreement
  • Reliability with Caterpillar Brand Recognition
  • Access our Global Sales Network
  • A Mustang Cat representative will contact you within one business day

Looking to Buy Used Power Equipment Instead?

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