Technology Solutions Benefits & Features

Whether you want to be more productive, make smarter decisions or improve your bottom line, Mustang Cat’s services can help you match the right technologies and solutions for your equipment.

Equipment Management Solutions help you increase uptime and reduce operating costs.

  • Know the location, health and efficiency of equipment
  • Spot problems before they happen with data, inspections & fluid analysis
  • Receive expert recommendations on equipment maintenance & repair
  • Reduce costs through preventive maintenance, fleet optimization & life cycle planning

Productivity solutions monitor production and increase job site efficiency.

  • Get accurate information on daily loads & volumes
  • Hit payload targets more consistently
  • Boost production with faster cycle times
  • Control grade & compaction

Safety Solutions increase job site awareness to keep your people and equipment safe.

  • Improve processes, operator visibility & site safety practices
  • Precisely track equipment location, speed & avoidance zones
  • Reduce the risk of injuries every day
  • Promote a positive culture of safety

Sustainability solutions reduce environmental impact and simplify compliance reporting.

  • Reduce emissions by burning less fuel
  • Get it right equipment to minimize owing & operating costs
  • Recover more value at the end of the machine life
  • Make compliance reporting easier with better emissions monitoring


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