Equipment Rental - Welders & Small Generators


welder rentals
V-300 Lincoln Welder 300 amp, trailer mounted 
V-500 Lincoln Welder 500 amp, trailer mounted


  • Welders Equipped with 100' Lead, 50' Ground, and Whip Assy.
  • Tip, Cup, and Electrode Cutting Parts available for Purchase

Gasoline Generators

generator rentals

M.Q.   GA6HR   6K Portable Generator

Diesel Generator Sets - Trailer Mounted

generator rentals
CAT XQ20/QP25  20KW (18KW prime output) 
CAT XQ30/QP35  30KW (27KW prime output) 
ALLMAND MP65  52KW prime output
CAT XQ60  60KW (54KW prime output) 
CAT XQ100  100KW (90KW prime output) 
SWP QP190  150KW (130KW prime output)