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Forklifts - CAT P6000

Texas Fork Lift Rentals
CAT DP30N5  6,000 LBS., 18' mast (warehouse) 
CAT TH255 Telescopic Handler  5,500 LBS., 18' lift - 11' reach 
CAT Tl943 Telescopic Handler  9,000 LBS., 43' lift - 31' reach 
CAT TL1055 Telescopic Handler  10,000 LBS., 55' lift - 42' reach 
CAT TL1055 C&A   10,000 LBS., 55' lift - 42' reach 
CAT TL1255 Telescopic Handler  12,000 LBS., 55' lift - 42' reach 
CAT TL1255 C&A  12,000 LBS., 55' lift - 42' reach 

Offering you total flexibility, gas powered forklifts, like the Cat P6000 models, can be used for both inside and outside tasks due to gas being a much more environmentally friendly fuel than diesel. This is certainly true of the smaller engine models equipped with the high powered and clean engines that also provide the performance and torque necessary where forklifts are required for more demanding work.

Like all Mustang Cat forklift rentals, each gas powered forklift includes easy-to-use features and operator comfort. And along with their advanced engine powered technology, these fork lifts offer you the level of performance necessary to meet the requirements of your modern business. Contact Mustang Cat to rent a forklift today.