2019 Year-end Tax Incentives Now Include Used Equipment

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Bonus Depreciation allows a business to deduct 100% of the adjusted cost of new or used equipment in the first year of service.

There is no taxable income limitation, and this benefit can be taken in combination with
the Section 179 Deduction to create outstanding tax savings.

new or used equipment savings


The Section 179 Deduction allows businesses to deduct up to $1,000,000 of the cost of new or use equipment purchased and placed in service in the 2019 tax year.


• If the total cost of your Section 179 property is more than $2,500,000, you must reduce the $1,000,000 maximum for each dollar cost over $2,500,000. If the total cost of your Section 179 property is $3,500,000 or more, you cannot take the deduction.
• The total cost you can deduct each year, after you apply the dollar limit, is limited to your business’ taxable income.

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Restrictions may apply. Caterpillar and Mustang Cat do not provide tax advice and this promotion should not be considered tax or legal advice. Customers should always consult their legal, tax or accounting advisor  before making decisions. *Section 179 allows taxpayers to expense up to $1,000,000 in new and used eligible equipment purchases made in 2019 not exceeding $2,500,000. **Bonus depreciation is reserved for new and used equipment purchases.