When you need a heavy equipment solution that offers excellent lift capacity and durability for rough terrain, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more reliable piece of machinery than a compact wheel loader. These sturdy machines are used for a variety of agricultural, construction and earthmoving projects. At Mustang Cat, we deliver Cat® compact wheel loaders throughout Houston, TX and the surrounding cities, such as Beaumont, Lufkin and Bryan.


New Caterpillar 903D
New Caterpillar 906M
906M Ag Handler
New Caterpillar 906M Ag Handler

New Caterpillar 907M
907M Ag Handler
New Caterpillar 907M Ag Handler
New Caterpillar 908M

908M Ag Handler
New Caterpillar 908M Ag Handler
New Caterpillar 910
New Caterpillar 910M

New Caterpillar 914
New Caterpillar 914M

Choose From a Range of Mustang Cat Compact Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders from Mustang Cat are small enough to transport easily from place to place, and they're versatile enough to operate under a wide range of conditions. As your most trustworthy Cat equipment dealer, we’ll help keep your operations cost-effective and efficient.

Mustang Cat has a full inventory of compact wheel loaders for farm and construction projects. These pieces of equipment are better suited for large applications than other machines such as skid steer loaders. At the same time, they’re more manageable than larger pieces of machinery thanks to their flexibility and energy efficiency.

Our brand new compact wheel loaders are easy to maintain and safe for daily use by operators. Complete with reliable precision control and comfort, these machines will ensure you complete every job on time and in accordance with quality standards. Benefits offered by the compact wheel loaders we have for sale include:

  • The newest technology and features: Our wheel loaders come with a variety of high-performing functions and options such as power hydraulic systems, intuitive controls and a Worktool Electrical Harness feature. These are designed to make your user experience simpler and more seamless.
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency: Compact wheel loader models from Mustang Cat give you more control over each machine component, including the engine. Having more manageable and efficient engine power will help maximize fuel usage and cut costs.
  • Better visibility and comfort: The cabs on these compact wheel loaders are positioned in the optimal location so you can work with comfort and ease. Increased visibility allows you to judge distances and surroundings more accurately.

Maximize Performance and Safety With Mustang Cat Equipment

At Mustang Cat, we’ve spent over 60 years helping businesses in agriculture, landscaping and construction find the Cat solutions they need. Caterpillar® is known for leading the industry in the manufacturing of heavy equipment, which is why we strive to deliver the latest and greatest Caterpillar product lines.

We also offer quick inquiry response times and high-quality customer service. If you order one of our compact wheel loaders for sale today, you’ll have access to a wide range of equipment parts and support services. You can protect your investment over both the short-term and long-term with Mustang Cat.

Buy Compact Wheel Loaders in Texas Today

If you operate in Southeast Texas, you can order a brand new compact wheel loader from Mustang Cat at any time. Browse through our options to find the one you’re looking for or contact us today for more detail