Ready to buy a mini excavator for sale in Bryan, League City, Beaumont or another location in Southeast Texas? Our Cat® mini excavators follow the Caterpillar® legacy of quality and service, and Mustang Cat customers receive only the best product support. Browse models such as the Cat 304C CR for sale today.

New Caterpillar 300.9D
300.9D VPS & HPU300
New Caterpillar 300.9D VPS & HPU300
302.7D CR
New Caterpillar 302.7D CR

303.5E2 CR
New Caterpillar 303.5E2 CR
303E CR
New Caterpillar 303E CR
304E2 CR
New Caterpillar 304E2 CR

305.5E2 CR with Swing Boom
New Caterpillar 305.5E2 CR with Swing Boom
305E2 CR
New Caterpillar 305E2 CR
306 CR
New Caterpillar 306 CR

New Caterpillar 307.5
308 CR
New Caterpillar 308 CR
308 CR VAB
New Caterpillar 308 CR VAB

309 CR
New Caterpillar 309 CR
309 CR VAB
New Caterpillar 309 CR VAB
New Caterpillar 310

Mini Excavators for Sale From Mustang Cat


Advantages of Mini and Micro Excavators for Your Construction Jobs

Mustang Cat is ready to supply you when you are looking for a mini excavator or a micro excavator for sale because we know the extent to which these machines make your construction jobs run more efficiently. A Cat mini excavator gives you all the durability and reliability of the larger Cat machines, but for a smaller investment and the ability to tackle those tight, confined spaces.

There are just some situations where you need as much power as possible but you don't have room for a larger machine. In those cases, only a Cat mini excavator or micro excavator will do. Trying to use a larger machine or a different machine entirely could lead to time and cost overruns and potentially lead to a messy, unprofessional-looking job.

Fortunately, if you are located in Houston or the surrounding areas, that's not anything you ever have to worry about. You have Mustang Cat — the leading provider of mini and micro excavators in Houston and beyond. In fact, if you're working on a job right now and have just realized that you need a mini or micro excavator, jump on the phone and call us today so we can direct you to your nearest Mustang Cat Rental Store and get you the machine you need to stay on track.

Remember: just like all of our Caterpillar equipment, any micro or mini excavators we provide you come with the Mustang Promise. That means our rental equipment is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you'll always get the most up-to-date technology with a four-hour rental machine replacement. And if you choose to purchase one of our mini or micro excavators for sale, we'll give you a year of protection with complimentary VisionLink® service and send a Cat-certified demo operator to your location at no charge to you.

We know that when you start using a micro or mini excavator from Caterpillar, you'll wonder how you ever got along without one. These machines are powerful, comfortable to ride, and easy to use, and they will help you get more done faster on your construction jobs. If you don’t have access to a Cat mini or micro excavator, you just might be losing valuable business to a contractor who does. Since we make it so easy to rent or buy a high-quality mini excavator, there's really no logical reason not to.

We believe in all of our Caterpillar equipment. We work hard to make sure you have the best and most technologically advanced equipment possible, along with superior customer service, whether you are renting or buying a micro or mini excavator or any other Mustang Cat product.

We want to encourage our customers to think big with small excavators. Use these machines to expand your abilities and complete more jobs more quickly so that your business can grow. Visit us today to start exploring the benefits of having your very own Cat mini excavator or micro excavator at your disposal.

Why Choose a Cat Mini Excavator for Your Next Job?

Mini excavators can work as an alternative to larger models in situations that need maneuverability. Experts count on Cat mini excavators for their increased versatility and lightness. Consider a mini excavator for your work if you need:

  • Affordability: If you need low to moderate power in your work, a mini excavator can cost less than larger models. They have a lower price point and save you money during transport due to their smaller weight and size.
  • Flexibility: A mini excavator has a compact size that allows it to work well in tight spaces. It also has multiple attachment choices, so you can adapt your mini excavator to a wide range of jobs.
  • Lower impact: Thanks to its light weight, a mini excavator can travel on turf and pavement with minimal or no damage to the surface. It also generates less noise than larger excavator models.
  • Ease of operation: Mini excavators have a small learning curve that makes it simple for operators to learn how to use them. Their simple controls and maneuverability shorten training time.

Hardworking professionals have these reasons and more for choosing mini excavators for their projects. If you need advice on the right equipment option for your job, we encourage you to talk to Mustang CAT.

Every New Cat Mini Excavator Backed by the Mustang Promise

When you purchase a new Cat mini excavator, we give you the Mustang Promise. Driven by quality, protection and trust, the Mustang Promise makes up our guarantees to you as our customer. Let us take every step we can to integrate your new equipment into your fleet and keep it in shape. As part of the Mustang Promise, new Cat mini excavator customers receive:

  • Fleet maintenance technology and services from VisionLink®
  • Service completed within 48 hours
  • Cat Certified Operator training, complimentary demo and Mustang Welcome Kit available
  • $10 million in Cat machine parts kept in stock throughout our network

Our customers enjoy these benefits and more as thanks for their purchase.

Why Purchase Cat Machinery for Your Projects?

Caterpillar leads the competition in quality and efficiency to help workers get the most out of their equipment. See what makes Cat machines the top choice across industries:

  • Global networks: As the owner of a Cat mini excavator, you gain access to assistance from Cat dealerships across Southeast Texas and the rest of the world. Let Mustang Cat or another certified Cat dealer give you the support you need at any time.
  • Top efficiency: Every Cat machine has a design centered around reliability, fuel efficiency and affordability. Caterpillar engineering allows you to maximize your profits with sensible features.
  • Long-lasting value: Cat machines' high level of demand lets them keep a steady price throughout your ownership. You can reduce the equipment's long-term costs through resale value.
  • Financing and insurance: As part of the Cat network, Mustang Cat offers extended warranties, financing options and insurance coverage. These services allow you to give your equipment extra protection.
  • Support and resources: When you buy a new machine from Mustang Cat , you get the excellent support associated with Cat dealers. Let us enhance your worksite safety, regular maintenance and employee training.

Count on Caterpillar and Mustang Cat  to give you the best in service, product selection and quality. You'll see the difference for yourself when you become one of our valued customers.

Receive a Free Two-Year Warranty With Your Brand New Cat Mini Excavator

You can now enjoy a complimentary extended warranty on all Cat compact models, including mini excavators. Protect your purchase for 24 months or 2,000 hours of use. This benefit lasts twice as long as our standard warranty. We can handle any issues that arise as you integrate your machine into your fleet.

Find Your Next Mini Excavator or Get in Touch

Browse the product listings on this page to discover our full selection of Cat mini excavators for sale. To learn more about our products and services, contact one of our representatives online.