Demo & Dine Promotion

Ready to Demo & Dine?

Now through March 31, demo a new Cat machine and dine on Mustang Cat! A $125 voucher for the President's Collection from Omaha Steaks will be waiting at the end of your machine demo.

Schedule new machine demo today

To qualify, complete a demo of one of the Cat models listed on the right with a Mustang Cat sales representative by March 31, 2017:

  • 416F
  • 420F
  • 299D
  • 289D
  • 279D
  • 262D
  • 259D
  • 239D
  • 236D
  • 226D
  • 308E
  • 305E
  • 305.5
  • 304E
  • 303.5E
  • 302.7D
  • 301.7D
  • TL943C
  • TH406C

Upon completing the demo, Mustang Cat will provide you with a $125 voucher for the President's Collection from Omaha Steaks. Limit one voucher per company during the promotion period, please.

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