Governmental, Public Body or Nonprofit

Whether you are replacing one machine or a fleet of equipment, Mustang Cat is here to help. If you are responsible for the task of procuring heavy equipment for your government agency or nonprofit, you’re probably faced with finding ways to get the most of a limited equipment budget. Fortunately, Mustang Cat can provide you with some valuable resources to assist you.

Mustang Cat holds contracts with BuyBoardHGAC and NJPA, making equipment purchasing or rental requests simple. By partnering with Mustang Cat, you will have access to, Caterpillar’s® Governmental Bid Spec website where you’ll find all the information you need regarding the North American governmental equipment buying process in one easy-to-navigate website.

You’ll be able to quickly and efficiently specify your agency’s equipment needs by developing a well-defined Request for Proposal (RFP) with minimal editing requirements. You will be able to access current information of equipment by product families, as well as relevant life cycle cost information. is a great resource for all of your governmental equipment buying needs.

cat-government-equipmentMustang Cat Can Provide Municipal Financing Options to Fit Any Need or Budget

Once you’ve located the right piece of equipment at the right price, we’re also there to provide the financing you need to complete the acquisition. At Mustang Cat, we have a strong understanding of the needs and objectives of government, and can help you plan for your future. Our financing plans offer a host of benefits for your government, including low interest rates, flexible payment plans, superior customer service and a choice of several options to tailor your financing arrangement to meet your specific needs.

Applying for financing from Mustang Cat or Cat Financial is quick and easy, just download and complete the online application form from the Financing & Support section.