Machine Monitoring From Your Desktop

VisionLink™ is a web-based application that enables you to better manage the maintenance and utilization of your equipment. VisionLink uses GPS and cellular-based technology to collect and display data about your machine, enabling you to discover minor problems before they escalate into a costly repair.

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The VisionLink application allows you to see data from all of your assets and has mixed fleet capabilities, so you can monitor your equipment regardless of make and model. This state-of the-art application centralizes and simplifies on-site operations, maximizes efficiency and raises productivity.  

How Does VisionLink Work?

VisionLink collects data using computer hardware, Product Link®, to gather timely and useful information about your fleet’s fuel usage and day-to-day operations. VisionLink gives you accurate, timely and useful information about the location, performance and condition of your equipment – the kind of information that can make a huge difference in your fleet’s efficiency and operation costs. 

Benefits of VisionLink

  • VisionLink not only monitors your equipment's daily workflow, but it also allows you to:
  • Manage the location and the basic usage of engines and machines
  • Schedule planned maintenance and major repairs
  • Detect problems before problems cause a major component failure
  • Access a variety of informative reports detailing the use of and condition of your machine