Cat® 289D3 vs. Bobcat T76

Sep 08, 2021
Cat 289d3 moving dirt

A compact track loader (CTL) is a valuable multipurpose machine that performs well on soft underfoot conditions that larger, bulkier machines can't navigate. Because of its smaller size and excellent maneuverability, you can use your compact track loader in confined areas with limited operating space. And it's hard to beat a compact track loader's versatility — it's compatible with numerous attachments like buckets, rakes, brooms, hammers and many others. 

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If you operate a business in Houston and the surrounding area, Mustang Cat is your one-stop source for high-quality CTLs for sale at competitive prices. We also deliver the excellent service that has made us a respected equipment supplier for nearly 70 years. 

To provide you with more helpful CTL information, we've made the following comparison between two top models, the Cat 289D3 and the Bobcat T76.

Machinery Size 

Machine SizeIf you want a machine with a little extra bulk, the 289D3 outweighs the T76 by more than 400 pounds. You'll have more lifting power when handling heavier loads and better traction in some ground conditions. The 289D3 also creates less ground pressure (5 psi vs. 6 psi), making less of an impact when working on softer ground. In addition, the Cat machine is wider, taller and longer than the Bobcat CTL. 

Ease & Comfort 

289 d3 Ease and ComfortEach of these CTLs has an abundance of features that help operators stay fresh and productive during the long hours at the job site. Sealed, pressurized cabs keep dust and debris out and create a quieter work environment. 

One significant Caterpillar comfort development is the redesigning of the cab of the 289D3, making it 15% larger. The operator won't feel as confined and has more maneuverability when reaching for and working the controls. The Caterpillar engineers also widened the CTL's entry door to provide easier access. 

Power Capacity

289d3 Power CapacityThe 289D3 has a slight edge (74.3 to 74.0) regarding gross horsepower output. The extra power can come in handy when facing a challenging digging, pushing or material handling task. The robust Cat C3.3B DIT turbo engine that propels the machine is also fuel-efficient and meets today's stringent Tier IV emissions guidelines. 

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If you're in Southeast Texas, stop by the Mustang Cat location near you today for a closer look at the revolutionary Cat 289D3 compact track loader. You can also call us at 1-800-256-1001 or contact us online for additional product and pricing information. 

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