Advantages of Using Small Equipment for Landscaping

May 21, 2021

landscaper with cat skid steerIn today's construction market, compact equipment is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make in your company. Recent technological advances have enabled compact equipment to compete with larger machinery concerning load capacity while maintaining superior maneuverability on the job site.

It's no surprise that more landscaping companies are opting for compact equipment rather than expensive and less innovative full-sized models. Today's compact construction equipment allows companies to get more power and maneuverability for their money and transform their machines using versatile attachments.

Compact Construction Equipment Attachments and Versatility

Versatility is the greatest benefit of using compact construction equipment for landscaping. When you choose compact machinery like a skid steer, you invest in a piece of equipment that can become much more with the low price of an attachment. Attachments such as augers, tillers, trenchers and snowplows can transform your equipment and save you money compared to buying standalone machinery. You can diversify your fleet's power with minimum additional costs by investing in or renting the needed attachments for your project.

Compact Construction Machinery Size and Maneuverability

Many companies invest in small equipment for landscaping due to its superior maneuverability and size. Today's landscaping projects demand the ability to maneuver into tight areas and yards where traditional construction equipment just doesn't fit. Having a fleet of versatile, compact machines allows you to maneuver into narrow job sites your competitors can't reach. The lighter size of compact equipment also means you'll leave the terrain in better shape than traditional machinery. 

Opting for compact models doesn't mean you have to sacrifice power and load capacity. With compact machinery, you can move impressive loads of up to 2,000 pounds with machines no more than 4 feet wide. 

Landscaping With Skid Steer Loaders

The three most popular compact equipment models are small track-type tractors, compact wheel loaders, tool carriers and skid steer loaders. Skid steers in particular are noteworthy for their ability to achieve maximum grip on the terrain while performing virtually every demand necessary on landscaping jobs. Skid steers come with both vertical and radial lifts and can fulfill all the following job site requirements:

  • Grading and backfill applications
  • Foundation digging and dozing
  • Material handling
  • Stockpiling
  • Truck loading

Aside from their use in landscaping, skid steers are also perfect for work on foundations, sidewalks, driveways and recycling projects. 

Browse Our Selection of Compact Construction Equipment

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