Utilizing Rental Equipment to Expand Your Business

Nov 16, 2020

Construction Equipment RentalWhether you're just starting to build your company or you already have a solid foundation, finding growth opportunities is vital in today's competitive market. If you're wondering how to expand your construction business, renting equipment is an ideal choice.

Benefits of Using Rental Equipment

Renting is a versatile option with essential benefits that will help you develop your capabilities and services. When you decide to expand your business through rental equipment, you can increase your revenue while also reducing your expenses. Some of the top advantages include the ability to:

  1. Offer new services: As you take on new projects, you may need equipment that you don't already have in your fleet. You can grow your business by renting equipment, which allows you to take on a job without dealing with the logistics of buying a new machine.
  2. Try equipment before you buy it: Finding the right make and model of equipment that best suits your application can be challenging. When you rent, you can try different machines for the hands-on experience you need before you decide to buy. 
  3. Save on upfront costs: Business owners understand the importance of making smart investments. Sometimes, taking on the high upfront expenses of buying new equipment is not the best decision for your budget. When you opt to rent instead, you can keep your finances flexible and distribute money to other important facets of your business.
  4. Take on more jobs: With additional equipment on hand, you can take on more jobs at one time to increase your profits. You can also rent specialized machinery that will give you access to job opportunities that you would not have had otherwise. 
  5. Avoid repair and maintenance costs: Regular maintenance and necessary repairs require time and money that you may not have to spare. When you rent, your dealership will handle these services so you can focus on getting the job done.
  6. Reduce storage expenses: Storing your equipment can be a hassle, especially if you don't have a lot of space. When you rent, you can leave your machine on-site or let the dealer provide storage so you can put your time and money toward more crucial company assets.
  7. Strengthen your borrowing power: When you rent, the rental equipment will not show up as a liability on your balance sheet, which can help to reduce your business's debt-to-income ratio. Lowering this ratio may help you qualify for a lower interest rate when you're looking to borrow money for other business essentials.

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