Mustang Cat Power Systems Group Delivers Drilling Solution to Rolligon

May 04, 2015
Rolligon, a pressure pumping equipment group with NOV, partnered with Mustang Cat to design and deliver a customized fracturing unit featuring the Tier 4 Final engine. This engine is equipped with a combination of electronic, fuel, air, and after treatment components that deliver better fuel consumption and meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

Rolligon’s fracturing pump unit is the first to feature a Tier 4 final engine equipped with CAT’s new CX48-P2300 lightweight transmission which is rated at 2300 BHP. In addition, a cube style radiator was used in order to reduce weight and to improve serviceability in the field.

This unit is the first of its kind to be field-tested by Caterpillar, and has operated successfully for almost 3,000 hours through all four seasons.

“We are able to overcome complications on this engine package due to the outstanding quality of service and support provided by Mustang Cat,” said Shea Urso, Rolligon product engineer. Being able to collaborate with Mustang during the project was beneficial to both parties. They helped us resolve some issues we were experiencing and we are able to do the same for them.”

Urso also noted that when modifications to manufacturer standards were required, Mustang provided custom tailored solutions that allowed both parties to efficiently move forward with the project. 

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Rolligon to supply equipment that is high in quality and efficient to power its drilling operations,” said Mark Reed, Mustang Cat general manager of exploration. “As Tier 4 Final engines continue to become a major component for our oil and gas customers, we look forward to developing similar supplier relationships in the Southeast Texas region to provide solutions fueled by Caterpillar.”

About Mustang Cat
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About Rolligon
Over the years, NOV’s Pressure Pumping Equipment Group has played a key role for our customers, supplying oil field tough, safe, reliable and cost competitive equipment. Our Rolligon™, Enerflow™ and APPCO™ brands provide hydraulic fracturing pumps and blenders, cementing equipment, coiled tubing support pumpers, acidizing equipment, liquid additive systems (LAS) and data vans that not only meet our customers’ expectations, but are also designed to exceed them. From concept to operation, NOV’s Pressure Pumping Equipment Group focuses on providing custom made equipment packages that are designed not only for performance, but to also provide longevity and reliability throughout the years of service.