Mustang Cat Supplies G16CM34 Natural Gas Engines for SEC Energy Products & Services Project

Nov 18, 2014

SEC Energy Products & Services chose Mustang Cat to provide 12 G16CM34 natural gas engines for the Rover pipeline project that will connect Marcellus and Utica shale supplies to markets in the Midwest, Great Lakes and Gulf Coast regions of the United States and Canada.

The G16CM34 engine is rated with 8,180 horsepower and will be used to deliver natural gas from processing plants and interconnections in Northwest West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio as well as to multiple delivery points in Michigan and to the Union Gas Hub near Sarnia, Ontario. This is the first sale of a G16CM34 natural gas engine to a pipeline supplier and from a Caterpillar dealer.

“We are very excited about the partnership with SEC Energy Products & Services,” said Guy Chason, general manager of Production at Mustang Cat. “This is our first sale of the G16CM34 natural gas engine and we’re happy to provide SEC with the most efficient, durable engine that suits their gas compression applications.”

The engine achieves high efficiency and low emissions by utilizing solenoid operated gas admission valves that are designed to deliver a precise gas flow which lowers cost.  The engine features a new cylinder head, a complete new fuel system and “state of the art” electronic engine monitoring and governing systems.  Other major design advances include a spark ignited pre chamber, electronically controlled gas admission valve for each cylinder, independent fuel pressure control for pre chamber and main chamber lines and detonation control for each cylinder.

Transportation of the product will be delivered to SEC Energy Products & Services over the course of 2015 with all shipments to be taken by December.

About Mustang Cat

Mustang Cat, an authorized dealer for Caterpillar, has more than 60 years of experience in heavy machinery, power systems and product support in the industrial equipment industry. With over 350 equipment models to choose from, Mustang serves 35 counties throughout Southeast Texas for sales and rental needs.  Mustang provides services to customers who are in agriculture, heavy construction, heavy trucking, petroleum, waste management, marine, government and many other industrial markets. 

About SEC Energy Products & Services
SEC Energy Products & Services founded in 2003, provides natural gas compression equipment, parts and services to all segments of the oil and gas industry. SEC is capable of designing and fabricating compression equipment to meet each customer’s specific operating requirements from 50 to 8,000 horsepower gas, electric or dual driven compression. SEC also provides engineering services, from package design to full turn-key solutions, over-haul revamp facilities, truck-based service technicians, manufacturer's parts, and power generation equipment.